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Your PlayBoy

Your PlayBoy’s Guide to Making You Cum

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Making Your Woman Cum: How to Do it Right – A Guide for PlayBoys

Gentlemen, thank you for joining me here today.
Your presence alone shows maturity, self-security and an urge to be the best at making a woman moan in appreciation.

I know that making a woman cum can sometimes be completely baffling, and the fact of the matter is no woman can pretend otherwise.

While men find it very easy to switch their minds off and tune in to their physical senses during sex, women need more warm-up time. As soon as you can learn to love the tantalizing game of sex with women, it’ll be both your passion and your badge of honor.

Realize that a woman asking you to tend to her sexual needs is an invitation to play. If you strip your cloths off and jump straight into intercourse for a few minutes before cumming all alone and rolling over, you may as well be the long-term boyfriend who’s forgotten how to turn her on and make her cum.

Don’t wait till you see her to start playing those raunchy games. To us women there’s no better foreplay than being mind-phucked.

Mind-Phucking is the verbal flirtation that gets another feeling both confident and turned on. The confidence part is crucial because a confident woman = a raunchy woman!

With all the guidelines society has us feeling we must physically adhere to to be ‘beautiful’, we are often very hard on ourselves. Making us feel confident and sexy will make us want to flaunt and share that sexuality with you.

Tell her she’s gorgeous, sexy, foxy etc. If you like her legs, ass, lips, tits or eyes, TELL HER. If the way she swings her hips is always on your mind, let her know!

Tell her what you’d like to do to her. Kiss her thighs? Caress her breasts? Grab her ass? Run your fingers through her hair? Pull her close?

Be vivid and let her join in this fantasy-building exercise.

A few raunchy and flattering messages/ words will have her thinking about sex with you at least every 1/4 hour. She’ll fantasize about getting you alone and letting you admire the thighs you said you wanna kiss.

Understand that this verbal foreplay is our porn. Make it hot and it wont take long for her to ask to see you sooner than planned.

Making her feel like the sexiest woman alive is half the reason she’s sought sexy-time with you. The other half is sexual gratification.

Championship League

You’ve made the cut. You’ve cruised through all the preliminary stages and now you’re in the Real Thing!

Just because she’s finally in your arms doesn’t mean you’re victorious… not just yet. If you forget that half the fun is in the chase, you’re likely to kill all the built up anticipation by rushing to the finish line. Is she likely to come back for seconds later? Unlikely. She’ll feel you over promised and under delivered. Not good for business!

What you want to do is deliver that tantalizing, toe curling, leg-shuddering orgasm she’s been dreaming about.

Remember that while you’re there thinking ‘I can’t wait to get it on’ there’s a possibility her mind is worrying about a million and one things:
– Do I look good?
– Can I trust him?
– Will I have time to enjoy this and pick up some XYZ before the store closes?

You want your woman mentally engaged, otherwise getting her physically wet and sorted will be impossible. Whether she’s thinking about the errands she has to run or stressing about the possibile reprecussions of being with you, you need to get her back in the zone.

Turn down the lights, lock the doors and play some music to set her mind at ease.
She’ll take comfort in knowing that no one will come in, that she can moan without being heard, and she wont be overly concerned about the eyebrow wax she missed.

Just like a good piece of tender meat, you want to turn the fire on, but keep it low for a good 40minutes.

No, I’m not saying you must engage in intercourse for 40 minutes. Even as a woman I can see how that’s a challenge for 99.9% of men. What you want to do is savor the sex with her. Never underestimate the returns on a passionate make-out session that ends only after the last article of cloth’s slowly come off. Get her dripping wet and ready to enjoy being on the cusp of an orgasm a couple of times before you both cross that finish line.

‘How?!’ I hear you ask.

The short answer is: put her pleasure before yours. It’s common knowledge that it doesn’t take much to make a man cum. You know how it is… 120 seconds of warm, wet, tight strokes and you’re done. So go ahead and enjoy the occasional 60 second penetration, but know when to pull out and refocus on her. Cumming without getting your woman there is poor taste. It’ll leave her feeling used and disinterested in sex with you again.

The long answer is: treat her clitoris like your penis, and her G-spot like your balls.
I know magazines have confused the shit out of everyone, but the fact of the matter is, the G-spot is the answer to the orgasms of only 10-40% of women.

Yes penetration feels good, just as it feels good to have your balls played with. But will it make her cum? Every now and then, yes. But it’s rare for most women. If you wanna make things easier for everyone, ASK her “which orgasm’s the most intense for you? Clitoral or vaginal?”.

If she says clitoral, you know she’d love nothing more than to have your face tucked snugly between her thighs.

Eating Her Out

I know that many men have had unfortunate experiences going down on a girl/woman. For that I am truly sorry. No woman should ever let you head down-town if she’s not 100% confident that everything is in good order. If she doesn’t, it’s very unclassy and you have the right to stop, get dressed, leave and never call her again.

Having said that, a woman who knows oral-sex is what she’s after will more than likely be all prepped for her pleasure and yours! Don’t let a bad experience with another woman turn you off one of life’s greatest gifts to men- eating the pussy.

So you’ve nibbled on her ear, kissed her neck, caressed her breasts, licked her navel, squeezed her ass and are at the gates of heaven.

Give her lips a lick from top to bottom and get ready to enjoy the next 5-10 minutes of having her at your mercy.

I know vibratos are made to vibrate and vibrate FAST! But trying to imitate a vibrator is not the answer, certainly not to start.

You want to start with long, slow strokes with your tongue running over her clit. When she starts to thrust her hips, it means she’s ready for a little more intensity. Apply a little more pressure and don’t be afraid to vary the stroke- up and down, circles, side to side.. the harder her clit gets, the closer she is to cumming.

Slide your fingers (2) in. If she’s dripping wet, it’s a great sign! (If not, you need to back-pedal. Chances are, her’s mind’s somewhere else.) It’s time to find her G-spot and double the intensity.

Where IS the all elusive G-spot? If she’s laying on her back, it’s on the upper wall of her vagina, a few centimeters in… almost directly beneath her clitoris. If you slide your fingers in, palm up, simply curl your two fingers up. When you apply pressure on the G-spot, you’ll feel her clit being pushed up against your tongue. In essence, you’re practically hitting her clit from both sides. For most women, this is the recipe for a mind-blowing orgasm. Get ready to hear her moan, squirm and possibly scream as that orgasm travels all over her body and leaves her out of breath.

What next? I suppose it’s your turn! Making a woman cum maybe initially for her pleasure, but you can be sure she’ll want you to enjoy the juices of your hard labor before booking you in for another play-session that week!

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