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Your PlayBoy

Your PlayBoy- A Keeper or Loser?

By December 4, 2012 November 5th, 2016 No Comments

Many a times, one of the following factors will have you thrown in the deep end of the cheating pool:
– Unmet sexual needs
– Relationship boredom/ Lack of excitement
– Natural urges to satisfy your sexual curiosity

You find yourself unintentionally emitting a ‘I’m-down-for-fun’ vibe and as though men can smell your naughty thoughts, they flock towards you. You have more than one guy offering his services to you and it feels great!

It’s flattering as hell when guys find you so damn hot and attractive that they request permission to carter to your needs. If it’s for real, don’t hold onto your panties girl, cause this kinda ride requires that you unfasten all seatbelts and LET GO!

There are men who like to work for their reward and there are boys, desguised as men, who want a reward just for showing up.

Your job is to learn to distinguish between the two. Now, it won’t always be aparent upon your first interaction because many men are experts at saying all the right things to woo you into bed, but that’s ironically where the fun will end for you!

A man’s primal urge is to ‘spread his seed’. Your deep-rooted primal urge is to be taken care of. But let’s be frank for a second – the real objective of most men trying to get in your pants today is Not to have babies with you (haha!). It’s to ‘bust a nut’. And your real objective isn’t to fall pregnant and depend on this guy to support and protect you. It’s to have mind-blowing sex. The days of having sex purely for procreation are long gone.

He looks at you and thinks ‘God damn, I’d love to stroke that pussy till I cum’.

The question you need to answer for yourself is ‘How much does My crossing the finish line matter to this guy?’

Of course, your having an orgasm largely depends on your own frame of mind. So if all you can think about during sex is the exam you have to write in 2 days, you can’t blame him for your unfulfilled pleasure. It’s your job to let go and be physically and mentally in the moment, but it’s his job to realise that simply tearing off your cloths and rabbit-phucking* you won’t do the job.

There’s no doubt that women are physically designed to turn men on, and men are physically designed to orgasm relatively easily. There’s a reason why it’s a little more complicated for women to reach climax. It’s not that the female gender was delt a bad hand. It’s that it takes a special sort of man to master the art of making you cum. This is nature’s way of helping you identify which man/ playboy’s a keeper and which one should be kicked to the curb!

The difference between men and woman (I find) is that women have natural ‘caregiver’ traits that most men lack. We are prone to nurturing and caring for others.

In the world of sex, that translates into a whole lot of effort spent trying to please our men. Nothing wrong with that, in fact, it’s fantastic!

What’s not OK, is that we overlook our own sexual needs/ wants. We don’t always speak up when unpleased and many-a-times we’ll jump in bed with someone we had doubts would be able to please us to begin with.

I say, No More.

If you’re not gonna get the satisfaction you’re after, then what the phuck is the point ladies?

Consider your current predicament, whereby seeking fulfillment from another is on the menu with a side dish of risk. You don’t want to order the wrong dish/ Playboy. In fact, there’s no better time to put your gratification at the TOP of the priority list.

So, if the appetizer doesn’t meet your minimum standards, don’t order the main course… or dessert!

1. Read the Menu

Men love sex, and thank goodness for that because it means that your menu is likely to be an extensive one with plenty of choices. Don’t settle for the first option on the menu! Take your time. If nothing suits your fancy, don’t force it. Rather, wait till something more appealing hits the menu!

Are you in the mood for a dark chocolate man that’ll slightly rough you up? Or are you after the blue-eyed hunk who’ll pin you up against the wall and kiss you silly? If all the menu has to offer is mediocre, unappetizing men, PASS.

2. Ask questions about ingredients

Mmmmm, so that caramel colored man with brown eyes has caught your attention. He’s sleek, suave, and when he smiles at you, your knees almost buckle. Girl, it’s time to find out what he’s made of!

Is there anything you’re allergic to? Extra long nose-hairs? Bad breath? Lack of humor? No back bone? Overly self-involved? A bit of a tosser?

At the end of the day, yes looks are important, but the hottest guy alive can suddenly turn you off with a bad/ incompatible attitude. Yes, I know you’re not looking for a ‘relationship’, but even a fuck-buddy-relationship is a form of relationship. You want to make sure there’s a certain level of compatibility and a minimum standard of expected behavior.

Here are some ingredients/ behaviors worth cutting a PlayBoy from your list for:

i. Inconsiderate/ Unreliable- He makes plans to meet you at 7pm, then leaves you waiting 30 minutes in the cold or fails to confirm your meeting place in time. Or worse, he pulls a no-show.
ii. Smothering- You tell him you’re busy/ unavailable and he responds in a pushy, overbearing way.
iii. Selfish- You get in bed and it’s suddenly all about him. The fireworks he promised you never showed up.

3. Request alterations

So, you’ve identified a matter or two that are standing in the way of your ultimate sexual gratification. You do that mature thing – rather than running away or kicking him to the curb right away, you gage whether alterations could be made to improve the sitaution.

Don’t forget that the male ego is not to be jabbed at. Be tactful and gentle. Don’t criticise or demand, rather suggest and request. Sandwhich each request for alterations with compliments or appreciation for what he Does do well.

“You get me so excited when you XYZ. If you ABC, you’ll have me cuming in no time.”


“I had a great time tonight. Maybe next time if you’re not late, we can make time for a ’round two’.

Gage his reaction- is he accomidating, careing, passionate about giving you what you came to him for?

If so, you may have hit the jackpot! If not, don’t bother coming back for seconds! It’s time to find a PlayBoy worth keeping!

*Rabbit-Phucking: sex that starts with immediate penetration, is followed by a series of quick, careless thrusts, and ends with him cuming and you wondering “WTF was that?”

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