Cheating: How to Do It Right – A Guide For Women


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With 68 percent of men and 52 percent of women admitting to having had affairs, infidelity is neither rare nor new. Still, it is such as widely shunned topic and an even more highly misunderstood act of desperation. One that’s so easy for us all to judge as immoral and wrong until we are in the position where our own relationships leave us feeling neglected or unappreciated. Then all our personal reasons and justifications come to surface and cheating appears as a plausible solution to our otherwise unsatisfying predicament (for more on this, read the upcoming book “The Allure of Infidelity – Understanding Why Most of Us Cheat and What We Seek from Our Affairs”).

2 reviews for Cheating: How to Do It Right – A Guide For Women

  1. BabyCakes

    This book is a revelation. I have never felt the feelings of excitement bubbling inside of me that i feel as I read this book! Finally I get it, Don’t settle for a drab life.. I am going to get busy, very busy indeed. Well done Ms Mour we want MORE!

  2. S. Moussa

    This book is so raw, honest and logical!
    I laughed, held my breath and thought about life in so many different ways while reading this book. It has changed not just how I think, but how I treat myself, how value my experiences and how much I DON’T CARE what people think. I feel free. I feel Alive. Thank you Ms Mour!

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