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How this will Help You

By September 19, 2012 November 5th, 2016 No Comments

With 72% of men and 68% of women (in a 2006 US study) saying that they would cheat if they’d never get caught, its clear as daylight that you and I aren’t the only ones who have contemplated cheating at one point or another.

Yes, I get that dishonesty is frowned upon. But who can say they’ve never lied and reaped positive results from it? Since when does divulging everything about myself make me a good person? Have I no right to retain some information to myself? Particularly when it’s of no consequence to others?

If you sought out sexual gratification from someone other than your partner and your partner had NO Idea (and never would), how would it affect their life in anyway?

It wouldn’t.

Think about it…. that’s right, it wouldn’t affect them at all!

Would if affect you? Most certainly.

Perhaps you get the physical or emotion gratification (or reassurance) you were after.
Perhaps you don’t.

Maybe it becomes clear to you that your partner is not who you want to share a future with.
Maybe your understanding of what you want is so vivid now that you find the courage to end things with your man. Or perhaps you decide that you can’t go through with it and find it in yourself to renew your commitment to your partner.

Either way, you are one step ahead in understanding what you want and getting what you want without hurting anyone.

AKA you don’t get caught. How do you not get caught??

Read on…

Cheating: How to Do it Right- A Guide for Women
Chapter 14- Dealing with the Guilt (EXCERPT)

‘Of course, it’s a widely common and unchallenged belief that seeking sexual and/or emotional gratification outside your conventional relationship is taboo. But is it an opinion you’ve independently developed, or one that you’ve adopted alongside other life-restricting beliefs, such as ‘putting yourself last makes you a good person’?
If you’ve come this far in the book, something tells me that you know you’ve historically fallen victim to the overpowering flow of the herd. Well, this is the time to question your own beliefs of right and wrong, good and bad.
If your secret adventures have added excitement, fulfillment and value to your life without hurting yourself or others, where is the bad?

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