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Your PlayBoy

Getting Satisfaction from Your Playboy

By November 4, 2012 November 5th, 2016 No Comments

So you’ve decided to take the leap – a big risk in pursuit of physical gratification and indulgence from someone who’ll adore every inch of your body. Someone who’ll kiss and caress every bit of skin and not stop till you’ve had more satisfaction than your body can handle in one night.

You’re following all the guidelines to protect yourself and limit the chances of your partner ever finding out. But how do you make sure you’re not making a bad investment? How do you ensure that taking on this huge risk will pay off with sufficient returns?

1.     Be clear with yourself about what you want

It’s crucial that you know what you enjoy and what you’re looking for getting from this experience both physically and emotionally.

What precisely as you after? Is it a short and sweet quickie that’ll get you off? Or is it hours of slow tantalizing sex that’ll have you squirming, squirting and begging him to stop? Do you want to be caressed and physically adored, or would you rather skip the foreplay and have him bend you over the kitchen counter?

In addition to unprotected sex and hickies, what else is off limits with you? Do you want oral? Are you willing to return the favour? Do you swallow? Is anal permitted? Would you like him to rough it up or keep it slow and gentle? Do you expect him to hold you after? Feed you before you leave? Have a bottle of wine waiting?

Remember that this is you going after what YOU WANT. It’s virtually impossible to get what you want if you’re not clear about what it is. Be clear and specific.

2.     Select a Playboy you are undoubtedly attracted to. No compromise.

If there is one thing I don’t approve of compromising on, it’s physical attraction. If this book was written for men, I wouldn’t stress this as much, but the fact of the matter is, us women can’t simply close our eyes and forget that a guy’s not physically attractive to us.

It’s hard enough for us women to completely relax and enjoy the physical sensations of sex. Having an unattractive guy attempt to do the job is demoralizing because it’s almost self-forced from our side. In the back of our minds we know we’ve settled.

Watching that sexy, fit, brown-eyed hunk eat you up is an image you can lose yourselves in.

This is NOT the time to settle. This is the time to take a leap and grab for something your human-sexual-instinct tells you you want to pounce on.

3.     Ensure he wants your body, not just for his satisfaction, but also because he’d love the opportunity to make you cum.

Women have already had their fair share of experiences with men who act as though sex is purely for their gratification. If there’s anything worse than an unattractive playboy, it’s a selfish playboy.

Don’t forget that it’s your responsibility to ensure a minimum return on your investment, and that is sexual fulfilment. Spend some time asking questions before agreeing to go through with anything.

“What do you wanna do to me?”

“What else?”

“I need you to take your time and tease me. Can you do that?”

Gage his responses. Identify if this is someone you are even compatible with in the bedroom. Are you likely to enjoy his style of sex or more likely to leave early feeling unsatisfied and weirded out?

4.     Be clear about what you want- what pleases you- Ask for it.

You’ve found the attractive guy that leaves your insides pulsating. He’s painted a picture of his desired sexual interaction with you and it pleases you. Now you’re there, just the two of you and your cloths start to come off. There’s kissing, caressing, grabbing, pulling, squeezing, rubbing, stroking… all of that, but perhaps in the wrong spot or at the wrong angle. This is not the time to be shy and have a debate with yourself about whether or not to tell him he’s in the wrong place.

Of Course you Should! What the fuck-else is the point of all this? Think he wants to be exerting all that effort to no avail? Do you want to have taken this risk only to leave with the same dissatisfaction? I think not.

This is your time to find your personal ‘Sasha Fierce’; your ultra ego. Be that sexy, confident bitch who’s not afraid to ask for what she wants. There’s very little sexier in a woman. Trust me.

5.     Be in the moment.

Extending on the guidelines of ‘Keeping it Separate’, when you’re with your Playboy, that’s all that should be on your mind. Your calendar should be cleared. No one should be expecting anything of you at that time.

Savour each second. Turn your mind off and switch on all your physical senses. Remember you already turn this guy on. Enjoy your sexuality. Be confident and comfortable in your skin. Let go of the insecurities and be whoever you want – the moaner, the screamer, the saucy stripper, raunchy dancer whatever you desire!

Made note of all this points but still not sure if you’ve sufficiently protected yourself?


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