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October 3, 2012

Is Cheating Right for You??

So we all heard the amazing interview on my new book "Cheating: How to Do it Right- A Guide for Women" with legendary Roz and Devo from Kiss92.5FM this Monday! It was purely exhilarating (those guys are so cool)! And just as you were all listening intently and starting to…
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Interviews / Media
October 1, 2012

Toronto’s Kiss 92.5FM Interview

In case you missed it, here is the interview I did in Toronto on Kiss 92.5FM's morning show with Roz & Mocha. Here is the link to the official web release on Kiss 92.5FM's website - http://www.kiss925.com/2012/10/01/interview-marleen-marylin-mour-about-her-book-cheating-how-to-do-it-right/
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September 29, 2012

What If ‘Cheating’ Wasn’t Wrong?

Once upon a time, society believed that the earth was flat and the centre of the universe; that women were inferior to men; that the colour of our skin was a measure of our worth; that if you ate meat on Friday, you were a sinner dammed to hell for…
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September 19, 2012

How this will Help You

With 72% of men and 68% of women (in a 2006 US study) saying that they would cheat if they'd never get caught, its clear as daylight that you and I aren't the only ones who have contemplated cheating at one point or another. Yes, I get that dishonesty is…
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September 15, 2012

The Guide Lines

Chapter 1- To Cheat or Not to Cheat? Chapter 2- Preliminary Precautions to Taking the Plunge Chapter 3- Don't Shit in Your Own Backyard Chapter 4- Don't Rush Chapter 5- Keep it Separate a. Don't share your personal phone number b. Don't share your work contacts or addresses c. Don't…
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