MMMour is the courageous voice of those shunned and shamed into silence by society’s unchallenged standards. It’s the voice of the non-conformers; those who question the societal rules impressed upon us; those with the valour to go against the grain; to seek understanding and reason; those who value compassion over judgement and are looking for MORE from life. More love, More equality, More acceptance, More acknowledgement of Our Shared Humanity.

Limited-Time Offer: Buy any book and receive a second copy of the same book for only $5.

Limited-Time Offer: Buy any book and receive a second copy of the same book for only $5.


Cheating: How to Do It Right

With 68 percent of men and 52 percent of women admitting to having had affairs, infidelity is neither rare nor new. Still, it is such as widely shunned topic and an even more highly misunderstood act of desperation.

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The Allure of Infidelity

When it comes to the discussion of infidelity, we have a habit of rushing to conclude who’s the victim and who’s the perpetrator. We’re quick to shame the one who’s strayed and pity the one who was last betrayed.

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The Power of Self-Love

On average we spend about 26 years of our life dieting. We try one extreme diet after another only to shoot our metabolism in the foot and end up heavier than when we started and more frustrated than ever.

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Using Infidelity to Grow, not Play Victim

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As someone who has interviewed hundreds of men and woman on their reasons for looking outside the traditional box, and someone who has also cheated in my last relationship, I am a firm believer that the ‘victim’ of infidelity is rarely the victim of the marriage/ relationship.    When someone finds that their…

Is Cheating Bad?

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Is ‘Cheating’ bad? Well, let’s be honest, lying and deceiving someone who loves you and you’ve vowed to build a future with is not good behaviour. It’s not honest. It’s not trust worthy. And frankly, if someone I cared about and gave my-all to cheated on me, I’d very much…

A Woman’s Right to Live for Herself

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A Woman’s Right To Live for Herself It’s 2013 and many of us have been fooled into believing that inequality between men and women is largely a thing of the past, at least in the Western World. Sure woman can vote and, for the most part, succeed in their careers…